Product Review: Flax4Life Mini Muffin Brownies

by Misty


I admit that for the past several years, I haven’t batted an eye when other people have lamented the nut-free restrictions at their kids’ schools. Why? Because it hasn’t actually been my problem until now. While the lunchroom is still fair game, snack time in our classrooms are anything but.  

I completely understand and respect the seriousness that life-threatening nut allergies pose for many kids, but for my GFCF (and largely soy and corn-free) kids, nut-based snacks are a mainstay. Sending an apple, an orange or a banana with no protein attached pretty much breaks all of my laws of parenting. Not to mention after a few days, my kids do a lot of complaining about eating fruit when the other kids are scarfing down pop tarts and Goldfish (often at the same time). Sadly, seed mixes of all types are suffering the same fate.

So, in my endless search for something “fun” that isn’t actually horrible for my kids, I’ve stumbled upon Flax4Life at Natural Grocers. Wanting to surprise my kids with a super fun snack for a change, I went straight for the mini muffin brownies. And guess what? I wasn’t even plagued with guilt because the main ingredient is ground flax seeds! One brownie boasts 720 mg of brain-boosting Omega 3s, 2 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein. The other plus is that these brownies are actually delicious, not in a GFCF way, but for real. They’re very chocolatey (but not overwhelming), nice consistency and the perfect size for a mid-afternoon snack.

So let’s break down pros/cons:


Really tasty

– Free of NUTS, gluten, dairy, soy, corn, grains

– High in Omega 3s, fiber and protein per serving

– Convenient/no cooking required


– Price point is around $5 per 12-pack container (still less than $.50 each, which I can justify occasionally)

– 10g of sugar (but this is an occasional treat and beats the pop tarts and Twinkies by a mile)

Flax4Life has other products that look delicious as well, but I haven’t tried them. I will be sure to review when we do! For now, you can check out the brownies for yourself here. Happy snacking! And PLEASE leave a comment below with your nut-free GFCF snacks!

This product review is the opinion of GFCF Lunchbox and is not a paid sponsorship in any way.


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