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September 28, 2015

GFCF Packaged School Snacks

by Misty


I’m right there with all the mamas who want a quick, easy snack to send with my kids to school. Our school has a peanut free policy, but fortunately other nuts are okay. Here are the main packaged snacks I send with my kiddos. I’ll also throw in a cutie orange, bag of grapes or an apple, too, because they can have two snacks a day (which seems excessive to me!).

LARABAR (all peanut free flavors)

KIND Bars (these are 100% nut free and gluten/dairy free and found at Target or Costco)

Justin’s Hazelnut Butter Packs

REAL Sticks Turkey Jerky (my kids are obsessed with the Honey Mustard flavor)

NibMor Daily Dose of Dark Chocolate (these are a special treat)

What packaged GFCF snacks do you send to school with your kiddos? New ideas would be GREAT, so leave a note in the comments!

September 27, 2015

GFCF Bliss By Chocolate Cupcakes

by Misty


This is the last cupcake recipe I will ever need because with it, cupcake nirvana has been achieved. I know, those are fighting words, but trust me when I say we’ve tried a lot of cupcakes in the last four years of birthday parties, school events and holiday celebrations. To boot, my parameters have consistently gotten tighter: now I bake without grains, refined sugar, casein or hydrogenated fats (typically found in frostings). My family absolutely loved these little gems and my kids asked if we could make them for Halloween with spooky decorations on top. I think I’ve found a unanimous favorite! Oh, and they’re nut free and super simple to make!


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September 27, 2015

GFCF Lunchbox Idea

by Misty


The photo may not be great but I thought the lunch idea was worth sharing! My daughter has always like the Dr. Praeger Gluten Free Fishies because they’re bite-sized and fun. I like them because they’re such an easy lunch to make. Just broil them for about 10 minutes in a toaster oven and they’re done. I also like that they use wild-caught haddock rather than farmed, which means no antibiotics in the meat. Also, a tip on strawberries – always get organic because the flesh is super absorbent to pesticides.

Protein: Dr. Praeger GF Fishies + Macadamia Nuts

Veggie: Carrot

Fruit: Organic Strawberries

Healthy Fats: Nuts + Fish