About GFCF Lunchbox

Anyone planning a gluten-free, casein-free (GFCF) menu knows the daily challenges involved. This daunting universe of intense label reading, endless recipe seeking and supermarket sticker shock leaves many families feeling overwhelmed. And that’s just for meals to be eaten in the luxury of our homes. Add five days a week of healthful and balanced, yet enticing and fun school lunches to this equation and it can be positively terrifying.

GFCF Lunchbox offers a refuge from the chaos. While the aim is to surprise and excite even the toughest GFCF eater with the contents of his or her lunchbox, I also want to reduce the stress of you: the meal planner who will move heaven and earth to meet the needs of a child.

Whether you are new to GFCF meal planning or a master looking for some fresh ideas, GFCF Lunchbox has lots to offer. Here, you will find kid-friendly tips and tricks, tried and true lunch menus, product reviews and much more to save time and simplify your life.

Our goal as parents is to celebrate the foods our children CAN eat rather than mourn for the ones they can’t. So, here’s to the cooks and meal planners, our dear children, and a lifetime of wellness.

Now, go pack that lunch!

I am almost as passionate about food as I am about my children. After consulting with doctors and therapists, I decided to implement the GFCF diet for my daughter in 2011. An exhaustive search of the internet yielded very few helpful resources for planning gluten-free, casein-free  school lunches. So, together with my daughter, I learned the secrets of successful GFCF lunching for kids, or at least, my own! I developed GFCF Lunchbox in an effort to help other families in need of a little inspiration on their GFCF journey.  

I live in Denver, Colorado and am currently working on my Master’s degree in Nutrition Therapy. I am also the owner of Bloom Skin Essentials (www.bloomskinessentials.com). For inquiries or comments, please reach out on the Facebook page here.  

Misty Litt, GFCF Lunchbox Mom!

Misty Litt, GFCF Lunchbox Mom!


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